An 18-year-old lifeguard from a leisure centre in Fareham says he feels “incredibly proud” after saving the life of a 15-year-old who had two cardiac arrests while working out.

Just 17 at the time, Lewis Ferriroli was speaking with his managers at Holly Hill Leisure Centre in Fareham on December 27, 2023, when an alarm sounded, directing all lifeguards to the gym.

An off-duty lifeguard in the gym had pushed the panic alarm and when Lewis arrived at the scene, he was told a teenage boy had collapsed.

The 15-year-old had suffered a cardiac arrest and a seizure while he was working out.

Recounting the dramatic incident, Lewis said: “He was conscious, but not responding.

“I immediately began chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth on rotation, with one of our lifeguards taking over from me when I became too tired to carry on.”

Daily Echo: Lewis Ferriroli from Holly HillLewis Ferriroli from Holly Hill (Image: Everyone Active)The boy became conscious but, despite the lightning-fast response by Lewis and the team, he suffered a second cardiac arrest minutes later.

Lewis was also supported by his colleagues lifeguards, Joe Bass and Mia Day and his Duty Manager, Ant Boodhram.  

The 18-year-old continued: “I then made the decision to defibrillate the patient and shortly after our second shock, the paramedics arrived.

“The patient then went straight to the hospital where he recovered well.”

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In recognition of his heroic actions, Lewis is up for a community award.

The team leader is nominated for Young Citizen of Honour award, an accolade established by Fareham Borough Council to honour the outstanding bravery and community impact of a young local resident.

The Citizen and Young Citizen of Honour Awards 2024 will take place on Thursday, May 16.

With plans to join the Navy in the future, Lewis added: “My experience at Holly Hill reminds me of how far I have come in and how I can help people doing what I do.

“Seeing the patient alive and well made me incredibly happy and proud.”

Mark Hilliard, General Manager at Holly Hill, said: “Lewis guided his team to deal with a medical emergency extremely successfully.

“Lewis is an amazing young man, and we are so proud of the growth he has gone through over the past couple of years.”