Swimmers are to strip off and make a splash in a pool to raise money for charity.

Several people are expected to go commando at Oaklands Community Pool in Southampton.

But they will not be doing it solely for their own exhilaration – the aim is to generate funds for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Taking place on Saturday, May 25, the event forms part of the Great British Skinny Dip organised by British Naturism.

Andrew Welch from the organisation said: “We are all trying to do things without the limitations that society puts on us.

“An Ipsos poll commissioned by British Naturism in 2022, revealed that almost seven million Brits describe themselves as naturists or nudists, so there are plenty of people like this around.

“People see the liberation and like the idea of doing it.

“We want to show that it doesn’t matter as we are all the same underneath.”

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He added: “Taboos around nudity are eroding and the health and well-being benefits of going naked are more widely understood, with more and more people wanting to get the exhilarating feelings for themselves.

“We encourage anyone to come and give it a go - and raise much needed funds for our charity partner, British Heart Foundation.”

Now in its ninth year, the event is taking place at 27 locations across the country – including further afield in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.

Ben Bishop, BHF fundraising manager, said: “There are lots of ways to support the BHF and, thanks to British Naturism, these now include going for a skinny dip.

“We hope that thousands of people will take the plunge at one of the many events being held around the country.

“In doing so, they’ll be helping us fund scientists to discover the new treatments and cures that can save and improve lives.”

It costs £8 to take part.