A sexual health clinic is being moved away from the city centre in a cost-cutting move.

The Sexual Health and HIV Hub, currently at Royal South Hants Hospital clinic, will change to offer services across two sites in Southampton.

Starting from July 1, the service will be available at Bitterne Health Centre, while Friday and Saturday clinics will remain at the hospital.

The changes come as Solent NHS Trust aims to increase access to services and offer provisions in ‘cost-effective’ ways.

Clare Scholfield, Clinical Director of sexual health services at Solent NHS Trust, said: “Changes will include offering extended opening hours and a new Saturday morning clinic.

“The service will be operational Monday to Thursday at Bitterne Health Centre, Fridays and regular Saturday clinics at Royal South Hants Hospital.

“These changes are designed to provide wider coverage across the city and to give patients flexibility around access.

“We are increasing our efforts to reach higher-risk populations by expanding our community pop-up and outreach clinics throughout Southampton.

“These targeted clinics help ensure that everyone, especially those most in need, can receive important sexual health services.”

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Services at the clinic include Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing and treatment, HIV care, sexual health promotion, outreach and psychosexual counselling.

Speaking on the change, Cllr Marie Finn, cabinet member for adult and health, said: “We don’t talk enough about our sexual health services who do such an important job.

“Solent NHS offer a range of services including via web, remote and online, clinic-based and pop-up community offers.

“The service is increasing efforts to reach higher-risk populations by expanding community pop-up and outreach clinics throughout Southampton.”

Residents across Hampshire and Isle of Wight will be able to access services by the following routes:

Via our website www.letstalkaboutit.nhs.uk 

This is the first point of contact for support, including accessing remote services, online provision, self-managed care and education as well as a dedicated page for support for professionals. 

Creating a sexual health personal health record (PHR) 

This online service includes ordering a home sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing kit, accessing free condoms, booking appointments and receiving test results.  
This service can be accessed via the website above or the link directly into the PHR is https://sol.myphr.online/

Speaking to a clinician

Our phone line offers advice, remote consultation or face to face appointment via 0300 300 2016.  
When residents phone, they can be triaged, clinically assessed and offered appropriate sign posting, as well as accessing remote and face to face appointments. 

Attending community clinics

We offer a range of clinic locations across HIOW, these are advertised on our website.

Additionally, the service will be extending opening hours at these community clinics, offering appointments at evenings and weekends.

Attending ‘Pop-up’ clinics

Our integrated sexual heath outreach clinics and health promotion services are aimed at our populations at higher risk of poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes.