These pictures may only have been taken in the 1990s, but  The Wickham Horse Fair boasts a rich and long history stretching back nearly 800 years, making it one of the oldest horse fairs in England. 

In 1269, Roger de Scures, a descendant of a landowner gifted the manor to King William, secured a royal charter from King Henry III. This charter allowed him to hold a weekly market in Wickham, which eventually evolved into the Wickham Horse Fair.

For centuries, the fair has been a significant event for Romany and Traveller communities.

Travellers are believed to have attended the fair since its inception in 1269, making it a place for them to trade horses, meet family and friends, and celebrate their culture.

Traditionally, the fair focused on horse buying and selling.

Daily Echo: Wickham Horse Fair during the 1990s.

Over time, it transformed into a vibrant event with bareback parades featuring horses adorned with ribbons.

The fair also once included fortune-telling as a prominent feature, as well as other festivities.

While horse trading remains a part of the fair, it has become less prominent.

Daily Echo: Wickham Horse Fair during the 1990s.

Today, the fair features a mix of modern fairground rides alongside traditional horse parades, attracting a wider audience.

The pictures in the gallery above were all taken during the fair in the 1990s.