A new art exhibition will launch this weekend.

ZEST Arts Collective will soon reveal their new exhibition 'Brief Attempt' at the famous God's House Tower.

The show presents works from 16 of ZEST's artists, including Lucie Smith, Alice Louisa, and Kane Applegate.

As ZEST Collective's sixth exhibition, 'Brief Attempt' explores fresh potential accompanied by the welcome addition of six new members.

The artists aim to provide impactful and imaginative art pieces highlighting the evolving times of 2023.

The exhibition aims to study how time limits and access affect the artists' work, shown through mysterious metaphors, disruptive disturbances, and hidden stories.

The exhibition will launch on Friday, May 24, running from 10am-5pm at God's House Tower and will continue on May 25.

A launch event will take place in the evening from 6pm, offering an opportunity to interact with the artists.

The event has been backed by an Arts Council England National Lottery Grant.