A cruise liner has said cases of Hepatitis A among recent passengers are not linked to its ship.

Recently-returned holidaymakers who had travelled on P&O Cruises' Ventura have reported suffering from the liver infection.

But the cruise company fiercely denies the ship is the cause of the illness and said it has worked with all relevant health agencies.

The ship, due to return to Southampton on Saturday following its week-long trip to Spain and France, has previously been affected by an outbreak of norovirus, with scores of passengers affected and forced to isolate in their cabins.

One man stated he is still suffering from symptoms of Hepatitis A more than a week since returning from his holiday onboard Ventura.

He has reported having "back pain and tiredness" and received an official diagnosis from a doctor upon his return.

He shared his diagnosis on Facebook, which prompted others to come forward with their experience.

Several people have now reported they are booking in to receive a Hepatitis injection ahead of their holiday on the ship, in light of the development.

Speaking on the news, a spokesperson from P&O Cruises stressed there was no link between the ship and the reported cases.

The spokesperson added: “We would like to confirm that we have worked with the relevant agencies, including Port Health and the UKHSA, and there is no suggestion of a link to these cases, or alleged cases, to Ventura.”

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The reports come after Ventura was subject to a deep clean following an outbreak of norovirus, delaying her departure from the city last weekend.

Officials from Southampton Port Health Authority inspected the ship on Saturday, May 25.

Previously, cruise passengers had told of violent bouts of sickness, being rushed to hospital and issues replacing soiled bedding after catching norovirus on a trip from Southampton to Amsterdam at the start of May.

P&O said it followed strict hygiene protocols and alerted passengers to the outbreak onboard beforehand.

Ventura's next cruise leaves for Santander on Saturday evening.