A large jellyfish that was found washed up on a beach has shocked passers-by.

Startled walkers stumbled across the large, stranded creature on the Lee-on-Solent shoreline.

Susie Cale was walking her dog along the beach when she saw it amidst the crashing waves.

She said: “We were walking the dog [when we saw it] and I was a bit concerned that the dog might get stung if she got too close.

“I felt glad I wasn’t swimming. I first saw it in the sea on June 4, then I saw it washed up at 4.30pm on June 5.”

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust confirmed the jellyfish – which was deceased – is a Barrel jellyfish.

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According to the trust, this type of jellyfish is common off the southern and western coasts of Britain in the summer.

A spokesperson said: “The sting of the barrel jellyfish is not normally harmful to humans, although it can cause a bit of a rash/tingling for people with particularly sensitive skin.

“If you find one on the beach it's best not to handle or touch it as they can still sting when dead.”

The bell of the jellyfish can measure up to 90cm across, and up to 35kg in weight.

They have eight frilly arms, which contain their small stinging tentacles and surround hundreds of little mouths.

Their favourite meal is plankton, which can be found in shallow waters.

This is what often causes them to wash up as they underestimate their size.