A much-loved swan in Whiteley has been reunited with its partner just days after being shot with an air rifle.

In a heart-warming reunion, Wendy Herman from Swan Support was able to release the recovered bird back into its home pond at the Solent Business Park in Whiteley, where it has become a popular attraction.  

The injured swan was found at around 10am on Thursday, June 6, near to The Bridge Deck Café with injuries to its wing consistent with being shot with an air rifle.

The swans were reunited in a heart-warming exchange (Image: Submitted) Residents and business park staff in Whiteley have told the Echo that the pair of swans are a cherished part of the local community – some claiming to have fed them for more than 20 years.

Swans can live up to 26 years in the wild.

Helen Ireland, 58, watched the swans get reunited. She said: “After the heartache of last week it was such a magical experience to watch.

“Wendy said that her wing had healed up well and she let us know she was on her way to Whiteley to release her.

“It was so special – as soon as she got out of the van you could tell she knew she was home.

“You could tell straight away that the male swan could hear her just by his body language. The pair then spent the next 40 minutes washing together.

“The workers at the business park were filming and cheering from the window. It was a very heart-warming moment.”

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Wendy from Swan Support took the swan back to its home (Image: Submitted) Helen and other residents in the Whiteley area are now calling for more security in the Solent Business Park area after a rise in swan attacks in the Fareham and Southampton area.

As reported in the Echo, in September of last year, a swan was found decapitated by shocked dog walkers at the Mansbridge Reservoir Area.

Less than three months ago, at the end of April, a swan died after being shot in the neck with an air rifle near Weston Parade.

Helen added: “The swans are so vulnerable and that why this has happened. We need better security in the area to stop a repeat incident – particularly with the rise in attacks."

Hampshire Constabulary is investigating this latest incident - but a spokesperson said it had no updates following a public appeal for information.