Embark on a fascinating journey through Bargate's history with an extraordinary YouTube video.

Exploring the realms of history through a creative lens is James Stewart Fox, also known as The Time Travel Artist.

But rather than pursuing the development of a time machine like a mad scientist, he engages viewers in historical adventures through the art of video editing.

Having just reviewed James's video that delved into the history of Southampton, we now shift our focus to James's detailed exploration of the iconic Bargate.

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By day, he works as a retailer and auctioneer but his passion lies in creating historical experiences through videos.

By employing video editing methods, James seamlessly merges archive photographs with current modern visuals. This innovative approach crafts a mesmerising journey through time, offering a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of a specific area or structure over the years.

In addition to capturing landscapes and landmarks, he adeptly applies his talents to narrate the experiences of individuals and historical occurrences.

One of James's videos Southampton: Bargate Through Time - which can be seen above - takes viewers on a journey back through time to Southampton of yesteryear.