Extra patrols have been taking place around the River Itchen as part of a crackdown on illegal fishing. 

Police in Bishopstoke say they have been patrolling the River Itchen and Riverside area in Bishopstoke. 

It follows a spike in recent reports of theft of fishing rights. 

A spokesperson wrote on social media: "Fishing without the permission of the owner of the fishing rights is a criminal offence under Schedule 1, Theft Act 1968.

"As well as requiring permission from the fishing rights owner, a rod licence if often required."

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Police patrol River Itchen at Bishopstoke to crackdown on illegal fishingPolice patrol River Itchen at Bishopstoke to crackdown on illegal fishing (Image: Eastleigh Police/Facebook)

The extra patrols come after a fisherman was fined for illegally catching salmon and trout in the River Itchen. 

Alex Ferrucci was hit with a £100 fine in April after he admitted to fishing in Bishopstoke without a licence. 

Just weeks later Owen Stockting of Matheson Road in Lordshiland Darren Broadhurst, 47, of Carey Road in Thornhill were fined more than £600 for fishing without licences in the Itchen and Testwood Lake. 

The law states that you must have a rod fishing licence when fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel with a rod and line in England. 

Those flouting the rules could be hit with a fine of up to £2,500.