MUD, mud, glorious mud was the order of the day back on July 27, 1974.

Some wrestled in it, while others were forced to wade through it to join in the fun on Southampton Common for that year’s Southampton Show.

Despite the bad weather, Sotonians turned out in their thousands for the weekend’s events, which organisers described as a “resounding success”.

(Image: Echo)

For the first time in the show’s history it lasted three days instead of two and attracted more than 87,300 people to the city’s Common.

The fun and frolics, which were kickstarted when pop star Lulu officially opened the proceedings, included pillow fights, mud-wrestling, majorettes and a military band, horticultural and animals shows and a hot-air balloon among myriad attractions.

(Image: Echo)

The entertainment went skyward further when a wartime Spitfire, with its throaty Griffon engine, roared over at 300ft to the delight of almost all of the crowd.

However, as the famous aircraft rolled and banked over the Common the excitement got a little bit too much for two show rabbits who both suffered heart attacks and died from the sheer noise of the low-flying fighter.