Autistic adults in Hampshire can now access workshops thanks to a grant provided to Autism Hampshire by Hampshire County Council.

This opportunity marks the first time the thoughtful assistance programme, previously exclusive to Southampton, becomes available throughout the whole county.

Bolstered by its broad knowledge and commitment, Autism Hampshire crafted the series to assist autistic adults in better understanding their diagnosis and embrace their identity outside societal norms.

Strategically developed by autistic adults for similar individuals, the workshops aim to foster deeper self-awareness and appreciation of personal differences.

With an intention to reduce societal pressure to conform, these sessions aspire to enable understanding and acceptance of one's unique identity.

Designed to be supportive and interactive, each of the six CPD-accredited workshops permits up to 10 participants, lasts two hours and, when possible, are run by experienced autistic trainers.

The content covers a broad range of topics that include unique definitions of autism, variations in thinking and processing, ways to improve communication, socially autistic ways of interacting, understanding of sensory perception, and practical guidance concerning equality legislation as it applies to autism.

Supplementary to these workshops, Autism Hampshire proposes bespoke training courses. These are tailored explicitly for individual needs and circumstances.

The aim is to support employers in creating inclusive and comfortable environments for autistic employees, through insightful suggestions for accommodations and adjustments.

Autistic individuals eager to partake in these workshops or those who want to learn more about the tailored training offered by Autism Hampshire can find details on the website or by directly emailing the training department.

By offering bystanders a chance to learn how to better understand, accommodate, and communicate with their autistic peers, Autism Hampshire continues its mission to empower autistic individuals through education and support.

Service manager for external training at Autism Hampshire, Katie Board, said: "From the similar workshop commissioned in Southampton, we have received fantastic feedback from participants.

"We know that workshops like this are incredibly important as people may have fought for years to get a diagnosis and then can feel lost. These workshops will hopefully bring more of an understanding to their lives and show them that support is available, whatever your age."