A HAMPSHIRE man aiming to become the most tattooed person in the world has completed the most poignant stage of his campaign.

Freddie Krueger got a portrait of his son Riley, who died three years ago at just five days old, inked onto the left side of his chest as a lasting tribute.

It is the latest in a long list of tattoos covering the 30-year-old's body.

He aims to tattoo every inch of his skin, as well as his tongue and his gums.

So far he has a solid blue face, left arm and left thigh, tribal patterns on his right arm and leg, fire licking up his stomach and two skulls kissing over his heart.

Freddie said: "I like all my tattoos but this latest one is my favourite. I really love it, it's fantastic. It means Riley can be close to me all the time."

Freddie, of Alma Road, Southampton, has so far spent more than £2,000 on tattoos over the past 16 years and has racked up more than 190 hours under the needle.

Film fan Freddie, who changed his name from David Wood in homage to the Nightmare on Elm Street films, added: "When I get a tattoo done I get a real sense that I've conquered something - a real sense of achievement.''