Concerns have been raised over a broken front door to the block of flats where Mark Noke was murdered by a gang 16 months ago.

Five would-be robbers burst into the block, on Warburton Road, in a bid to rob a drug dealer who lived on the top floor, but took a wrong turn and went to Mr Noke's flat by mistake.

He suffered a stab wound to the chest and died before emergency services were able to move him to hospital. 

Keiran Claffey, Justin Roach, Leighton Tabone, Aaron Morgan and Bradley O'Dell entered the block of flats in Thornhill in February 2023 and have all been jailed for their involvement.

Police at the scene on Warburton Road, SouthamptonPolice at the scene on Warburton Road, Southampton (Image: Solent News))

But now, residents of the block say they feel "terrified" as the communal door that was used by the gang to gain access to the flats remains broken.

James Popplestone, 43, has lived in the building for four years with his fiancee. 

He told the Echo: "17 months have now passed, the concierge system for the block does not work, the entrance door to the block does not lock.

"The concierge system has been repaired a couple of times since February 2023 but each time the system is broken again within weeks.

"I have repeatedly reported this issue to the council in the hope that they might reach a suitable solution.

"I feel let down more than anything. I feel like I am big enough and strong enough to look after my own family if someone got into my flat but still, why should I have to?

"It’s terrifying. I remember the night (Mark Noke died). About 1 o’clock in the morning I heard four massive loud bangs. It turns out that’s how police got entry after."

Warburton Road, SouthamptonWarburton Road, Southampton (Image: NQ)

The Echo understands the door has been replaced since the incident, but the concierge system which controls the lock has been broken several times. 

One 26-year-old resident who has lived in the block for eight years said the door has been broken for most of the time she has lived there. 

She said: "They come out and fix it after so long but a few weeks later it is back to how it was.

"It is not hard to do it. People pull it and it breaks the system. I have seen kids of 12 who are able to do it.

"I think they are pretty sick of coming out and fixing something that keeps on happening."

Winchester Crown Court was told during Noke's trial that the group of men had pulled the communal door and it had just opened for them. 

Kirsty Brimelow KC, questioning Justin Roach, said: "At the communal door, so the door downstairs, Mr Claffey and Mr Tabone were waiting for you to buzz on the communal door to any of those flats to pretend that you were a pizza delivery driver to be let in.

"In fact what happened was that Mr Tabone pulled the door and it pulled open."

Southampton City Council was contacted for comment.