Solent University students have been celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with their final projects.

During Pride month, Solent University students on various fashion courses have been supporting LGBTQIA+ communities with their projects.

Zena Fawzy Abdou, a BA (Hons) Fashion Photography student, is one of these students.

She poured her passion for queer culture into creating Them, a photo book featuring fantastic portraits of 16 community members.

Zena's project, which acknowledges the LGBTQIA+ community, has earned a nomination at this year's Graduate Fashion Week.

In her own words, Zena said: "Being able to find my avenue at university and perfect it has been so rewarding.

Andrew Prestage's project involved creating genderfluid clothingAndrew Prestage's project involved creating genderfluid clothing (Image: Solent University)

"Solent is so good for creatives, and through my final project I've been able to celebrate the beauty of queer culture, by documenting a variety of queer experiences.

"'Them' turns hard times into something beautiful, showcasing the resilience and strength of the people who took part."

Graduating students, such as BA (Hons) Fashion Design student Andrew Prestage, have also championed genderless clothing, highlighting a future focused on inclusive and diverse fashion.

Andrew's final project drew inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece, creating Fluid Ideology, a sustainable, gender-neutral collection designed for non-binary individuals.

Andrew said: "I was inspired to do this project due to the lack of well thought out gender neutral and size-inclusive clothing.

"The collection drew inspiration from ancient costume, borrowing elements from tunics and togas."

Andrew added: "Solent has encouraged me to explore creatively, and a university degree is valuable not just for the qualifications, but also for meeting a diverse range of people from different backgrounds which shapes your view of the world for the better."

Innovative final projects showcase how fashion courses foster artistic ambition, encouraging students to turn their passions into inspiring masterpieces.

Prospective students can find more about creative courses by visiting the Solent University website.