Bearing in mind the state of our roads I am surprised that money is found to resurface Grove Road in Lee-on-the-Solent (about 200 yards in length) – which didn’t appear to be in a bad state – yet a similar stretch of uneven, unstable, undulating road, in a state of disrepair, has been neglected for years in Highlands Road, Fareham, between the Working Mens Club and Hill Park Road.

Up until 1974 there was road/pedestrian bridge over the disused railway - filled in at the time, but not properly done.

One has to question why a less busy road takes precedence over Highlands Road, often described as a very busy thoroughfare with up to 18,000 bi-directional traffic movements in 24 hours.

No doubt many other road users will feel as I do, especially if they drive a van or truck, with many sounding as if they are shaking apart when they go along the road over the humps and bumps.

Bob Blackman