A Lordshill resident has slammed the council for leaving her with a "mountain of rubbish" after her bins were left uncollected for more than seven weeks.

Council tenant, Sherry Brett, 68, says that magots and rats have invaded the garden around her flat - and has been forced to ask family to take more than 40 bags to the dump.

Eight residents live at the block of flats on Lundy Close in Lordshill, and in 23 years of living at the block, Sherry said she had "never known a situation as bad".

She added: “Some of our resident have cupboards full of rubbish because we have nowhere else to put it.

Rats have torn open the bags, according to SherryRats have torn open the bags, according to Sherry (Image: NQ)

“Over the last few weeks my son has taken more than 40 bin bags to the waste centre which has cost him out of his own pocket.

“We have rats, maggots and flies - it has made us residents feel like withdrawing council tax.

“What makes the situation worse is that the cutaway behind our block, near to where the bins are kept, is a walkway for Oasis Schools students – it’s a real public health risk.”

The 68-year-old said that as the weather has become hotter, the smell coming from the bin bags is "unbearable".

She continued: “It stinks – we have reported it to the council so many times.”

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Southampton City Council leader Lorna Fielker said: “I would like to apologise that this block has been missed.

“A member of the team will be visiting Lundy Close to clear the backlog and will be working with the crew to understand issues with collection at this location.”

Deputy leader of the Conservative Party on Southampton City Council, Jeremy Moulton, also chimed in on the issue.

Rats have found their way inside the full-up bin bags Rats have found their way inside the full-up bin bags (Image: NQ) He said: “Bin collections are a basic service which people pay their council tax for and they should be done properly and on time.

“Immediate changes the Conservatives would make, if running the council, are scrapping the silly Labour rule that bins with lids a fraction open are left and collecting all side waste.

“We would also scrap the booking system at the end recycling centre to make it easier for people.”