Plans to scrap a 20mph speed limit will not happen imminently, the council has confirmed.

Two roads – Hill Lane and Shirley High Street - will return to a 30mph speed limit following outcry from residents.

The decision was made by the Labour administration at Southampton City Council just days before the local elections in May.

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But it will not be a speedy reversal, as a public consultation needs to take place – which will happen in the autumn.

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A Freedom of Information request made to the council by the Echo revealed that no internal report was made for this decision.

No public consultation has yet taken place either, despite council leader Lorna Fielker confirming in May the decision was made following feedback from residents.

Councillor Jeremy Moulton, deputy leader of the Conservative group, said he would expect the council to run a formal consultation on any speed limit change.

He said: “The lowering of the speed limit on Hill Lane has led to some instances of dangerous overtaking.

“My view is that 20mph limits are not best suited for main arterial routes and it seems Labour put them in mainly to avoid having to put up more signs explaining the change in speed limits at junctions with these roads.

“The whole process has been a total waste of money. Labour should have listened in the first place.”

The original 2022 decision to move to 20mph was met with controversy with 14 areas in the city earmarked for speed reduction.

This was funded through a national Government programme.

Cllr Fielker said the 20mph limit on both Hill Lane and Shirley High Street are “not working” for the community.

“I think it is really important to tell the people of Southampton the things we want to achieve”, she said.

Cllr Fielker added: “Residents and businesses using these roads have given me regular feedback that the 20mph limit doesn’t work on stretches of these roads.

“This is why I announced my intention to look to go back to 30mph.

“In line with all changes to speed limits this will go out to public consultation, which will take place in the autumn.”