A unique spin on the world-famous board game, Cluedo 2: The Next Chapter is a frightfully funny murder mystery that was made for the stage.

Written by BAFTA Award winners Laurence marks and Maurice Gran and directed by Mark Bell – who oversaw the original UK production of Cluedo – Cluedo 2 brings the swinging sixties to Southampton.

Set inside the eerie rooms of Graveny Manor, fading rock ‘n’ roll star Rick Black invites an array of friends and old acquaintances to his home to listen to what he hopes will be his next hit record before being murdered by one of his guests.

The play then unravels with characters second guessing each other as more murderous mayhem ensues.

Though the near two-hour play is a murder mystery, it’s consistently witty and funny, with much of the jokes and one-liners rooted in dark humour.

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Cluedo 2 is perfectly cast with Ellie Leach taking centre stage (in her stage debut) as interior designer Miss Scarlett, fresh from her Strictly Come Dancing success where she became the youngest winner of the competition, at age 22, alongside her professional dance partner Vito Coppola.

Heartbeat’s Jason Durr turns in a comedic performance – with a very heavy American inflection – as shady manager Colonel Mustard, whilst Jack Bennett – “I’m not a butler” – as Wadsworth and Hannah Boyce portraying supermodel wife Mrs Peacock, both steal the show, with the latter displaying her incredible talent of mimicking various accents.  

For such note perfect on-stage talent, Dawn Buckland (Mrs White) draws the biggest laughs from the piece with her effortless comedic timing.

For a relatively small ensemble – Gabriel Paul, Edward Howells, and Liam Horrigan are all given their moment to win over the audience and leave a lasting impression.

Though there was a 20-minute delay to the opening night of Cluedo 2 at the Mayflower Theatre due to a technical error, it was soon forgotten after a barnstorming performance from all involved.

The cast took applause from a packed auditorium following at the conclusion of the play, which featured former Southampton and England striker, James Beattie.