Shoppers were warned of an angry seagull terrorising a supermarket car park.

The seething seagull caused disruption at Sainsbury’s on Thursday when its nest fell onto the top floor of the car park - causing it to be blocked off by staff.

People were urged not to get in a flap over the situation and to avoid the bird.

A sign was put up by staff in the Leigh Road car park in Eastleigh informing customers of the decision.

(Image: Brittany Drewett)

It read: “Caution. Do not park on top floor!

“Angry seagull!”

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People took to social media to poke fun at the sign – and reiterate the shop’s warning.

One woman said: “I parked up there and they were flying around obviously protecting [their young].

“Let’s just hope people are sensible and leave them alone.”

Another person said: “Seagulls protecting their teenage chicks can get very angry and pecky.”

Sainsbury’s confirmed the sign has since been removed.

A spokesperson said: “The top floor of our Eastleigh car park was temporarily closed earlier today, after a seagull's nest fell into it.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused."