A Southampton business leader is encouraging people to overcome fears and unlock potential by taking part in unique workshops.

Jeff Shrimpton, from Botley, has launched 'Evolution Empowerment Events', offering experiences that will take people out of their comfort zone.

Participants could walk on hot coals or shattered glass among other activities.

Mr Shrimpton was inspired to start the business after his own experience with fire walking helped him overcome personal and professional hurdles.

He said: "I was in a rut, both personally and professionally; I was suffering from depression that left me full of self-doubt.

"I was my own worst enemy."

Walking on glass shards is one of the activities available  (Image: Evolution Empowerment Events)

Participants have praised the program, with one describing it as empowering.

For Mr Shrimpton, the aim is to help businesses propel their success to a new level by hosting team workshops.

For more information about events, or to make an inquiry visit https://evolutionempowermentevents.co.uk/about/.