A Southampton-based broadband provider is celebrating connecting its 50,000th customer.

The company toob will be soon marking its fifth year, having expanded significantly from a customer base of just 10,000 in October 2022.

Its original network in Southampton now has a more than 40 per cent penetration rate, while the overall network reaches almost 20 per cent.

The firm's full-fibre broadband service, boasting a speed of 900 Mbps, is now accessible across five counties, including Hampshire and Sussex.

toob prides itself on its "no in-contract price rise" promise, which was a move welcomed by users.

Nick Parbutt, toob CEO, said: "I am incredibly proud of toob."

He also added: "I am delighted we have over 50,000 customers enjoying the service we provide, and I look forward to adding the next 50,000.”

A strategic partnership with CityFibre is also contributing to toob's rapid customer growth.