A Romsey plant shop run by two passionate gardeners has opened a new area for outdoor plants.

Plantaholics on Sandy Lane inaugurated its new outdoor section, 'In the Garden', in late May, just before Choice Plants announced its closure.

The shop opened two years ago and is run by Dean Weeks, 38, and David Head, 39.

The new outdoor section (Image: Dean Weeks)

Speaking about the loss of Choice Plants, Dean said: "It's very sad because they have been there for such a long time."

The driving force behind Plantaholics is Dean and David's desire to help the local community with their gardening needs.

"We are just enthusiastic gardeners really," said Dean. "We like to be able to help people and give guidance."

Part of the expansion (Image: Dean Weeks)

As part of its new outdoor business, Plantaholics is branching out into an area of expertise in which Choice Plants has specialised during its decades of trade: Hanging baskets.

Dean said: "This year we have done a few hanging baskets, but it's a bit late now." 

He hopes next year they will increase that aspect of the business.

While Dean feels sad about Choice Plant's closure on June 30, he feels business is good and that gardeners in the area are well catered for.

Family-run Choice Plants in Timsbury has served locals for 34 years following a decision by the owners, Roger and Mary Savage, to retire.

The site has been sold and will no longer be a plant nursery once it is redeveloped by the new owners.

(Image: Dean Weeks)

Mr Savage is continuing, however, Poppies Crafts, a workshop for kids which will join Plantaholics as an independent business run for the Romsey community.

Hillier Gardens is also giving back to the local community, having announced the return of its Christmas light trail in 2024.

Plantaholics was formerly called Cedar Nursery, but got a makeover as an exotic plant shop in 2022 when Dean and David took over.