AN Army veteran, who served in the Parachute Regiment, is vying for votes in the Romsey and Southampton North constituency for Reform UK - and says he wants to banish ‘wokeness’.

Paul Barrett is one of six candidates contesting the General Election on July 4. 

He lives in the New Forest with his family and has been working as a senior technical manager since leaving the forces. 

Mr Barrett said: “My upbringing has instilled in me a deep understanding of the challenges many experience. I am proud of my service and eager to continue serving our country and constituency.

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Paul Barrett (Image: Contributed)

“I am appalled by the rising crime levels in Hampshire, the woke agendas that plague our society and the out-of-control levels of immigration.

"I am also disturbed by the poor support farmers receive. Our veterans and retired generation are amongst the least looked after in our society being placed at the back of the queue!

“I will work with the Police to tackle crime and help abolish the wokeness."

He said he also advocates tighter controls on sewage dumping, would support an Armed Forces Veterans Covenant and give more support to farmers. 

Another candidate hoping to attract votes is Fennie Yap, who is standing as an independent. She is hoping to make abortion a central voting issue.

Fennie, who lives in Southampton, said: “As a 24-year-old engineer and first-time candidate in British politics, I am standing as an independent in this general election because I believe our nation’s future is at stake. 

“In the UK, over 250,000 babies are intentionally killed every year through abortion. Since 1967, this number has surpassed 10 million. Until we start protecting babies in the womb, our country has no future.

“Before you cast your vote this election, I urge you to consider: ‘Am I about to vote for a party or candidate who supports the intentional killing of 252,000 babies a year?’ 

“None of the major parties are doing anything to stop this killing, indeed the majority of them have plans to make it worse.” 

Also standing for election is: Geoff Cooper for Liberal Democrats, Christie Lambert for Labour, Caroline Nokes for the Conservatives and Connor Shaw for the Green party.

Romsey and Southampton North has been represented by Caroline Nokes for the Conservative Party since its 2010 creation. It was previously a smaller constituency called Romsey, represented by Sandra Gidley for the Lib Dems.