A group of Eastleigh pensioners are up in arms after a parish council removed an OAP discount on allotment fees.

Dave Kinge, 73, Rob Sacree, 68, and Clive Evans, 76, all own plots at the Boyatt Wood Allotments, on St Catherine's Road, where each grow flowers, fruit and vegetables.

The plots were previously under the jurisdiction of Eastleigh Town Council - but it was taken over by Boyatt Wood Parish Council in April, who then removed a 50 per cent discount on their annual fee.

Dave, Rob and Clive say the change was never properly communicated and they were all invoiced £60 rather than their usual £30.

Boyatt Wood Allotment plot owners Clive Evans, Dave Kinge and Rob SacreeBoyatt Wood Allotment plot owners Clive Evans, Dave Kinge and Rob Sacree (Image: NQ) Dave said: “If you own a property and the landlord hikes the price up, they have a responsibility to tell you – not just take the money out of your wallet.

“It’s so easy to get in touch with the plot owners though email – it’s not so much about the price and more about the poor way the council went about raising the cost.”

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There are 80 plots at the Boyatt Wood allotments, many of which are owned by pensioners.

Rob tends to his plot regularly with his wife. He added: “When we complained to the council, they told us they thought it was not fair that those under state pension age were charged double.

“By that logic we should all give back our bus passes as it’s not fair younger bus passengers have to pay a fare – it’s ridiculous.”

The gates to the Boyatt Wood Allotments The gates to the Boyatt Wood Allotments (Image: NQ) Clive has owned his plot for 14 years and said there had always been a discount for pensioners in that time.

The 76-year-old added: “I said to my wife – I’m sure that seems an awful lot, it can’t have been this much last year.

“We had an email invoice and no communication from the Parish Council. We were told to just accept it.

“If they had told us why or bothered to properly get in touch, we would have all been much more open to having our discount slashed."

Boyatt Wood Parish Council was approached by the Echo for comment.