The following cases have been heard at Southampton Magistrates' Court...

NEIL BRAKE, 27, of Ash Close, Hythe pleaded guilty to theft from a shop after £184.20 worth of items were stolen from Co-Op in Southampton. He also pleaded guilty to failing to surrender to bail. Brake was jailed for 28 days. 

JORDAN ROBINSON, 23, of Hampton Close, Blackfield admitted to exceeding a 50mph speed limit on the A34 southbound at its junction with the A33 near Winchester. He was driving a Volkswagen when he was caught by manned equipment at 57mph. Robinson was banned from driving for six months and fined £350. He also received three points on his licence and must pay £85 court costs plus a £140 surcharge. 

DANIEL BARNES, 34, of Church Lane, Fawley pleaded guilty to 13 counts of theft from a shop. This relates to £584.40 worth of items including food, alcohol, coffee and washing pods that were stolen from Co-Op in Tickleford Drive, Bridge Road, Ocean Village, Weston Lane, Spring Road and Portsmouth Road, Southampton. Barnes was jailed for six weeks. 

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VERONEL ION, 49, of Bridge Road, Southampton admitted to speeding on the A335 on Leigh Road, Eastleigh. He was driving a Vauxhall when he was clocked at 40mph by manned speeding equipment. The limit is 30mph. Ion was fined £72 and received three points on his licence. He must also pay £110 court costs and a £28 surcharge. 

SAMANTHA GAVAGAN, 33, of Roundhill Close, Southampton admitted six counts of theft from a shop after £101.95 worth of coffee, skin care items, food and alcohol was stolen from One Stop on Butts Road, Southampton, West End Road Service Station and Co-Op on Hinkler Road. She also pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating, attempted theft from a shop and failing to surrender to bail. She was jailed for 24 weeks and must pay £84.30 worth of compensation.