It may have only been 17 years ago, yet this event seems a little old-fashioned by today's standards.

A multitude of party-goers filled Ninety Degrees at Carlton Place, eagerly awaiting the sight of the ladies at the exclusive High Street Honey Party on October 24, 2007.

Hayley Parsons from Southampton, the High Street Honey from former lads mag FHM, was in good company with the likes of fellow winner Charlotte McKenna as they socialised with guests at the newly established bar and restaurant situated in Carlton Crescent.

(Image: Echo)

In an effort to boost their chances in the lad's mag contest, four of that year's High Street Honeys from Hampshire stepped up to engage voters. Kelly Crossin, Leanne Emma Churcher, Lisa Berrecloth, and Charlotte Joy made a strong presence to secure more votes and support.

Numerous aspiring honeys journeyed from various regions of the UK to attend the celebration, which extended late into the night at La Margherita, Town Quay.

(Image: Echo)

The highlight of the night for the young ladies and some of the revellers was being transported from venue to venue by a couple of hummer limousines.