A teenage boy sent a chilling message to friends after launching a violent attack on his stepfather.

Vladimir Ivashikin told two friends he did something “inexcusable” before ignoring their flurry of messages and calls, a jury heard.

The army cadet was 16 when he allegedly killed academic Barry Hounsome at their home address in Southcroft Road, Gosport on October 29, 2018, using a hammer, knife and electric drills.

The 22-year-old denies murder.

Dressed in a grey tracksuit top, he kept his eyes to the floor and made repetitive movements with his hands during the second day of his trial at Southampton Crown Court.

The jury heard how Ivashikin sent a concerning message to two friends over social media platform Snapchat shortly after launching the attack on Mr Hounsome, 54.

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Prosecuting, Lesley Bates read a statement out from fellow cadet Joshua Golden, which was made after Mr Hounsome’s death.

In his statement, Mr Golden said the defendant had a “twisted sense of humour” and initially thought his message was “a joke”.

According to him, the defendant’s message read: “I have tried to stop myself constantly, but the voice kept telling me to.

“If you have demons seek help otherwise you will end up like me.

“It’s been nice knowing you. I wish you the best for life.”

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Mr Golden added that he found the defendant “intimidating” and a bit “odd”, but this never concerned him.

His attempts to contact him after receiving the message were futile as his messages remained unread, the jury heard.

Ivashikin, a student who was studying for his A-levels at the time and had lived in Gosport since 2011, sent the same message to a friend.

In his statement, this friend said the defendant never spoke of wanting to kill anyone but had “skinned animals including a lizard and mouse” in the past.

Following his arrest, Ivashikin pleaded not guilty to murder but instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was transferred to Ravenswood House Hospital in Fareham.

However, in February 2022 prosecutors said Ivashikin admitted to nurse Jacob Butcher that he had 'fabricated' his symptoms.

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Giving evidence in court, Mr Butcher spoke of his shock after hearing the admission.

He said: “Vladimir spoke about feeling a pre-occupation and focus with the concept of killing, rather than killing specifically.

“When I asked him about any motivation, he said he had not intended to attack and kill his stepfather in that moment.

“He said it could’ve been anybody, and it happened to be Mr Hounsome.

“Vladimir said he wondered what it would be like to take a life and to have that feeling of power.

“He said he felt immediately regretful, but he compared it to putting an animal out of its misery.”

The trial continues.