Top architectural firm Corstorphine & Wright is merging with Hampshire-based BrightSPACE Architects.

The merger aims to expand the practice's reach across the UK, capitalising on the Central South region's growth as a business hub.

The collaboration unites Corstorphine & Wright's extensive sector knowledge with BrightSPACE's local experience.

Michael Walters, group director of Corstorphine & Wright, said: "We are thrilled to welcome BrightSPACE Architects to the Corstorphine & Wright family.

"This merger represents a significant milestone in our journey as a business, extending into a region of the UK with huge growth potential. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of design and sustainability, designing places that inspire and enhance the lives of those who use them."

The two teams anticipate their union to incite innovation and growth, while designing forward-thinking environments. The balanced approach will utilise the strengths of both teams.