A row has broken out between two candidates to be the next Eastleigh MP - just days before the General Election.

Samuel Joynson, who is vying to be the borough’s next Conservative MP, has accused his opponent of not being transparent.

Mr Joynson claimed Liberal Democrat hopeful Liz Jarvis is “not willing to debate” and has not made an appearance to hustings events.

“If she is not willing to debate and defend her ideas in the final stages of a General Election campaign, what does that suggest about the type of MP she will be?”, he said.

But Ms Jarvis defended her dedication, stating that she and her team will be knocking on doors up until 10pm on Thursday to “hear about the issues that matter to voters”.

Mr Joynson said she “refused” to be filmed at the first hustings.

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He said: “After she evidently struggled with the public scrutiny at that event, she has now refused to turn up to any more opportunities where she might be scrutinised.

“Does this really sound like the type of person you would want to turn to in your moment of crisis to stand up on the national stage on your behalf?

“A resident on a doorstep in Chandler's Ford this morning summed up her behaviour better than I ever could: ‘Disgraceful, and a clear breach of the Nolan Principles on standard in public life' (that demand accountability and openness)."

In response to Mr Joynson’s claims, the Eastleigh Liberal Democrats hit out at him as he “did nothing while the party he represents dumped sewage in our rivers, crashed the economy and systematically dismantled the NHS”.

They added: “If he spent more time acting on the issues facing Eastleigh and less time repeating meaningless party-political talking points, Eastleigh would be much better for it.

“Unfortunately, this hustings falls right at the end of the campaign when all candidates should be leading their teams to the finish line and supporting the volunteers who are giving up their time to help elect them.”