A resident who witnessed the dramatic end to a police pursuit which saw a officer injured has recounted the moment.

Chris Matthew was at home on Tuesday night when he heard the commotion of sirens at around 9pm.

Hampshire Constabulary said a stolen grey Honda Civic had been driven on false numbers plates, and when spotted on Wimpson Lane, officers started a pursuit.

The vehicle had been reported stolen from Roberts Road on June 27.

The driver failed to stop for police, driving through red lights on Romsey Road and going the wrong way around a roundabout on Lords Hill Way, according to the police.

The car hit a police motorbike on Lords Hill Centre East, before crashing into a white Peugeot on Lords Hill Centre West.

The driver fled on foot, and a spokesperson said the police officer and driver of the Peugeot sustained minor injuries.

The scene following the police chase The scene following the police chase (Image: Chris Matthews)

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Speaking to the Echo, Chris, 45, said: “All I could hear was tyres screeching when he was going through the roundabout.

“There was a big commotion of sirens, and we normally get those with ambulances and fire engines, but this was different."

Seconds later, Chris heard the cars going down a road nearby,

The Gemini Close resident continued: “I ran to the front door and I told my mum to stay indoors because I didn’t know what would happen. And at that point, I heard a big crash.

“My dad who was upstairs looked out of the window and witnessed the car spinning in the air and landing on the side of the road.

“When I went outside I saw a load of unmarked cars and the one he crashed into.”

The moment made the 45-year-old feel a mix of emotions.

He added: “I was feeling a bit of excitement and concern at the same time. You never know what the [driver] could have done, he could have driven through a fence or something, hence why I told my mum to stay indoors.”

Police have now asked anyone with information to come forward.

A spokesperson said: “If anyone witnessed this incident, has relevant dash cam footage, or has any other information about the Honda Civic being driven in the area recently, please call 101 quoting reference 44240279875.”