A charity that supports young people with their mental health says they need funding to survive.

Fit4Life was created by husband-and-wife duo Dan and Annalise Desmond to help and address the growing issue of deteriorating mental health in young people.

The charity currently works closely with four schools in Southampton but fear its services will dwindle if they do not receive donations.

Tisha Thomas, volunteer administrator at Fit4Life, said the prospect of children not having support is “terrifying”.

'Counsellors are few and far between'

“The NHS does not have the resources and schools do not have the funding to hire counsellors on a regular basis,” Tisha said.

Tisha, 30, and the team, said it is incredibly important the charity steps into that gap and help children of secondary school age.

She said: “I really suffered from bad mental health as a teenager. There was a very small counsellor’s office in my school run by a local charity.

“Going there once a month got me through school. But counsellors like these are few and far between now.

“It is terrifying, the thought of secondary school students going through life and not having any support.”

She added: “Being able to help the children of the next generation spoke to me, so I decided to volunteer as the charity’s admin two months ago.”

'We rely heavily on donations'

The mum-of-three helps to organise workshops in Southampton schools – ranging from teaching children about mental wellbeing to encourage confidence and reduce stress, to them getting their boxing gloves on.

Dan often runs boxing sessions, and the team hope to introduce another sport specialist to the charity, providing they continue to be funded.

Deer Park, Wildern, Cantell and Hamble School are currently supported by the charity. 

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To help raise vital funds, the team hosts an annual fundraising and awards evening, with this year’s event taking place at the Hamble School on July 12 from 7pm.

Tisha said: “Fundraising is incredibly important as small charities like us rely heavily on people’s support. 

“If it wasn’t for the grants we received and donations, we would not be able to function.

“Holding our fundraising night and awards evening together tells a fantastic story of success and speaks volumes to people.”

Tickets can be purchased from fit4lifehampshire.com and cost £10.