Suella Braverman has been elected as MP of Fareham and Waterlooville - but with a much-reduced majority.

The former home secretary, who has been MP in the area since 2015, was returned to the House of Commons in the rejigged constituency - but her majority decreased by 20,000 compared with five years ago.

In the brand new constituency of Hamble Valley, Paul Holmes was elected having moved from Eastleigh.

On Thursday, July 4, voters flocked to the polling stations to cast off their ballots with new constituency boundaries drawn for Fareham and Waterlooville.

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Fareham and Waterlooville MP, Suella Braverman retained her seat with 17,561 votes, but took a tough fight from Labour's Gemma Furnivall, who finished just over 6,000 votes behind her.

The Liberal Democrats' Bella Hewitt finished third, with Reform UK's Kevan Chippindall-Higgin was a close fourth.

In her winning speech the Conservative MP for Fareham and Waterlooville thanked her team and her family but apologised on behalf of the Conservative Party.

Suella Braverman during the election countSuella Braverman during the election count (Image: NQ) She said: "There is only one thing I can say - I'm sorry. I'm sorry that my party didn't listen to you. Conservative Party has let you down.

"You voted for us over 14 years and we did not keep our promises. We have acted and we need to learn our lesson because, if we don't, we will have many worse nights to come.

"The country deserves better and I will do everything in my power to rebuild but we need to listen to you - you have spoken very clearly."

Former MP for Eastleigh, Paul Holmes, won the seat for Hamble Valley with 19,671 votes and faced a tough battle against the Liberal Democrats’ Prad Baines, who finished second with 14,869 votes.

In his winning speech, Mr Holmes said: "I want to thank all the candidates on the stage with me today - it was a vibrant campaign and I wish you all well for the future.

Hamble Valley MP, Paul HolmesHamble Valley MP, Paul Holmes (Image: NQ) "It’s the honour of my life to be elected the first MP of Hamble Valley and I am aware that I say that with a great deal of trust to be rebuilt.

"Tonight has clearly been a difficult night for the Conservatives and we will have to assess what has happened.

"What is clear is that divided parties do not win elections."

Speaking to the Echo, the MP for Hamble Valley added: "I have seen colleagues lose their seats and there is clearly going to be a Labour government in the morning.

"We need to take time as a party to assess where we went wrong. We need to analyse why we have lost voters to Reform. 

"I’m hoping I will be able to play a role in that in the Commons - We need to learn from this as a party."