The Reform UK candidate for Fareham and Waterlooville has said labelling his party racist is "utter nonsense".

Reform UK candidate, Kevan Chippindall-Higgin, came in fourth in the Fareham and Waterlooville constituency behind the Suella Braverman (Conservatives), Labour's Gemma Furnivall and the Liberal Democrats’ Bella Hewitt.

Some have criticised the party and its leader, Nigel Farage, for its policies, particularly around immigration.

During the count, the Echo asked Mr Chippindall-Higgin what he would say to those who label Reform UK as racist.

He said: "For those that say Reform is bigoted and racist - I would say they are talking nonsense, utter nonsense.

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"The party has just received a huge donation from a Muslim businessman of around two or three hundred thousand pounds.

"If we were a racist and bigoted organisation - would someone like that support us?

"Reform have no problem with immigration. We have a huge problem with illegal immigration.

"We need forceful leadership. We need someone to stop the boats."

Reform's "contract" with voters state that the party would place "strict limits" on immigration and includes policy to bar students from bringing dependents, stop immediate access to benefits, and raise national insurance for foreign workers.