CAROLINE Nokes has held the seat of Romsey and Southampton North amid disastrous losses for the Conservatives across the country.

Ms Nokes, who has held the seat since 2010, was pushed close with her majority falling from 10,872 to 2,191.

The seat was too close to call after the exit poll and nerves were high throughout the count, with the result announced at around 3.30am.

The full result, with a turnout of 69.82 per cent, was Caroline Nokes (Con) - 19,893, Geoff Cooper (Lib Dem) - 17,702, Paul Barrett (Reform UK) - 5,716, Christie Lambert (Lab) - 4,640, Connor Shaw (Green) - 1,893 and Fennie Yap (Independent) - 183.

(Image: Newsquest)

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Reform UK's win over Labour to take third was the biggest shock of the evening.

Reacting to the result, Ms Nokes said: “I've been the MP since 2010, I have literally given it my all over that period.

"I have worked seven days a week, I have responded to my constituents as thoroughly and as quickly as I can, I will carry on doing that. It's not for no reason that I was judged to be the most responsive MP in Parliament and that I've been nominated yet again as MP of the year.

"These are the reflections of how hard I have worked for the constituency I have always lived in and that I love.

(Image: Newsquest)

“There are so many priorities, I have loved my time as chair of the women and equalities committee, I suspect that's gone now because the committees will be rejigged.

“First and foremost I need to get some sleep, secondly I need to get back in touch with all of those constituents who have contacted me over the last 24 hours. Thirdly, it's about making sure there is a pragmatic, sensible Conservative voice in Parliament, I am determined to be that.”

Speaking after the declaration, Mr Cooper said: “Congratulations Caroline. Thank you to my team, we've had a huge amount of fun delivering this campaign, we have worked incredibly hard and it has been wonderful to connect with all the people across Romsey and Southampton North.

"I have been really proud to stand as a Liberal Democrat candidate on a manifesto that has put care and caring at its very heart. That's the kind of politics I want for the future. I have a little reminder for Caroline. Just like she was in 2010, I'll be back.”

The Liberal Democrats were unable to complete the golden triangle after Winchester and Eastleigh were both gained by them from the Conservatives.