John Partridge will be coming to Southampton as part of his latest solo UK tour 'Dancing Man'.

Partridge anticipates connecting with his audiences by singing songs from his favourite musicals and telling tales from his life.

The show, which also includes dance performances, will provide a glimpse into his bond with his parents.

With 'Dancing Man', he aims to illustrate what persistence and hard work can achieve.

Partridge, who has performed in more than 20 West End shows and a raft of musical tours, looks forward to recounting his journey on becoming a leading man.

The tour begins in January 2025 and Partridge will perform at the MAST Mayflower Studios in Southampton on May 10.

Mr Partridge said: "I’ve been so fortunate in my career. People know me for many things! From soap to reality TV, from the west end to the east end. As my mother used to say.. you’re eyes are bigger than your belly, she was right but I’m still hungry!

"Which is why I’m going out on the road solo at 53! At heart I’m a song and dance man. It’s where I started my career at 16 on the west end stage in ALW CATS and it’s my first love. This show is my love letter to everything musical, my family and my audience who have given me so much over the last 5 decades.

"As I sing in the show … I wanna be a Dancin’ Man.. while I can!"

Tickets for 'John Partridge: Dancing Man' on May 10, are currently on sale at or via telephone on 02380 711811.