Hoglands Park will come alive next week with the sound and Bollywood and Bhangra as Southampton Mela Festival takes place, but for now we look at the event from 20 years ago.

Thousands gathered at Hoglands Park to partake in the day-long Mela Festival on July 11, 2004.

 The Asian entertainment spectacle was in its second year in Southampton and unfolded as a vibrant celebration of music and dance - as can be seen in these images.

(Image: Echo)

The event showcased various live acts and creative workshops that catered to different interests.

Festival-goers had the opportunity to explore the world of Bollywood dance and engage in hands-on activities such as creating masks, painting, and participating in storytelling sessions.

(Image: Echo)

Musical entertainment at the festival ranged from Bhangra and RnB, Asian Fusion, Classical and Bengali Among the visitors to the festival was Southampton-born actor Imran Khan, who has just returned from Bollywood filming in India.

This year's Mela Festival takes place on July 13, at Hoglands Park.