An Eastleigh Borough Council worker's home and car were damaged by a resident who found out where they lived.

The council has brought in a raft of 'key changes to protect staff' following the worrying incident in December 2023, a council report said.

According to the report, the member of staff was at home when they were 'targeted by a resident and criminal damage to their house and car was inflicted'.

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A police investigation was launched, but officers investigating were 'unable to press charges', the health and safety report claimed.

In the wake of what happened, the council 'took the matter very seriously and immediately implemented some key changes to protect staff'.

This included only giving out the first names of the majority of front line staff to the public, including on ID badges.

Workers were also recommended to use generic email addresses where possible and were given advice around sharing personal details through publicly-viewable social media accounts and the electoral register, which is accessible to the public.

The full health and safety report will be discussed by the council's audit and resources committee on Thursday.