Two girls from a New Forest school have been left stunned after receiving a letter from Sir David Attenborough.

The two Year 3 pupils from Oakfield Academy in Totton had written to the TV legend to tell him how they loved his nature programmes.

Indigo Taggart and Matilda Lace explained how they enjoyed their outdoor lesson and how their teacher Tasha Isaac, head of outdoor learning at the Totton school, was “wonderful”.

They also invited the Planet Earth III star to visit the school.

The letter read: “We would love for you to come, I don’t mean just me but the whole school. So please come and I want you to meet someone, Miss Isaac, she’s a nature one just like you. So, bye, for now, all the love from Indigo.”

The letter to Sir David was sent around three weeks ago and to their surprise, last Tuesday a reply arrived at the school.

Miss Isaac said: “When I arrived at school in the morning I was told by someone at reception that there was a letter which had come in. As soon as I saw the letter I knew who it was. I was very excited.

“I went up to the class and pulled them from the class to let them know. They opened the letter and went back to the class. They were so excited.”

It was then read out in class which made the two young girls very excited.

Letter from Sir David AttenboroughLetter from Sir David Attenborough (Image: Tasha Isaac)

The letter read: “Thank you for your letter. I am so glad you enjoyed my programmes. It is very kind of you to invite me to visit your school. I am so sorry to say I cannot do so [visit the school]. Making programmes keeps me so busy I have no time left for such visits. Thank you nevertheless.”

Explaining how Indigo and Matilda reacted, Miss Isaac said: “They were absolutely delighted and it made their day.”

She added: “When you write these things you never expect them to reply. It was really exciting for all of us. I'm almost as excited as they were."