Utilita Energy has unveiled a partnership to bring in new bereavement technology, aiming to simplify the process of dealing with the death of a loved one.

The Chandler's Ford energy firm, which has over 830,000 UK customers, is joining forces with nationwide bereavement service Settld to streamline account administration for those left handling the affairs of a deceased customer.

The move will allow those who have suffered a loss to notify more than 1,400 relevant service providers of services through a single online form.

This will prevent the need to spend countless inconvenient hours on the phone with multiple companies.

Utilita's customer service team will also utilise Settld's portal, designed to make bereavement customer service more efficient.

Bill Bullen, CEO and co-founder at Utilita Energy, said: "We are always looking to incorporate the latest technologies that will improve customer experience, particularly when it comes to efficiencies.

Bill Bullen, CEO and co-founder at Utilita EnergyBill Bullen, CEO and co-founder at Utilita Energy (Image: Utilita Energy)

"Dealing with the effects of grief is incredibly difficult, which is why partnering with Settld was an easy decision for us.

"Together, we are removing the administrative burden for someone who has potentially lost their closest family member or friend.

"I’m really pleased with what we’ve delivered in partnership with Settld and we take pleasure in making things that little bit easier for those who need it."

Settld's service promises significant time savings for customers.

It can help to save over 10 hours spent contacting various organisations following a death.

Their secure online form takes less than 10 minutes to complete and notifies all service providers, ranging from banks and insurers to subscription services and social media platforms.

Vicky Wilson, senior executive at The Estate Registry, the overseer of Settld, said: "By allowing customers and those dealing with death to use our one-stop shop we can remove a significant amount of stress and anxiety, which allows people to get on with grieving.

Vicky Wilson, senior executive, The Estate RegistryVicky Wilson, senior executive, The Estate Registry (Image: Settld) Ms Wilson added that she is very pleased to see more companies embracing Settld's technology.

Consistently receiving 5-star reviews, Settld's free online service aids users in closing, transferring or amending accounts.

They also offer assistance in obtaining date-of-death balances for probate, house clearing and more via their partners.