A Whiteley-based eye hospital is launching cataract diagnostic clinics in Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Specialist eye hospital Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire will unveil the clinics this July in Eastleigh and other areas.

The move is designed to provide convenient NHS cataract treatment to patients due to the burgeoning demand for the surgery.

The new facilities will allow residents to attend diagnostic tests. They will need to travel to Solent Business Park in Whiteley for the operation.

Services in these clinics will be carried out by a qualified Optegra optometrist.

Oliver Bowen-Thomas, optometrist at Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire, said: "The whole process of cataract surgery is very straightforward for the patient, and the brief, pain-free procedure really can transform vision and quality of life.

"By opening these three new regional diagnostic clinics, we are making the process even easier.

"On a logistical level, patients can book in at their nearest clinic – which will be in an NHS facility or private GP practice, with the convenience of being close to home.

"At the appointment, we will talk through the procedure, answer any questions they have and importantly run some thorough eye tests to check the health of the eye and ensure the patient is suitable for cataract surgery."

In the past 18 months, Optegra has launched eight NHS cataract hospitals across the country, providing treatment to thousands of patients.

Four additional launches are planned for 2024.

Robert Pilling, Optegra business development director, said: "These optometrist-led clinics will provide a convenient and accessible service in the regions surrounding our Hampshire hospital.

"This launch follows on from Optegra’s commitment to supporting the NHS and reducing the long waiting lists which we saw post-Covid.

"When a patient is referred to us for cataract treatment, it is excellent that we now have more locations to offer for them to begin their treatment journey at their convenience and closer to home.

"This means we continue to have an opportunity to help patients avoid unnecessary waits for this essential, life-enhancing surgery."

Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire is a part of Optegra Eye Health Care, a provider of ophthalmic services since 2007.