A Southampton pensioner has slammed Balfour Beatty after the company told him he would be breaking the law if he parked his car on his driveway.

Balfour Beatty wrote to Ed Fisher, 78, saying he would be breaking the law if he was to continue to driving over the kerb into his driveway.

Ed Fisher, 78, has lived in Woolston for 50 years and drives up the kerb to park on his driveway as he has no dropped kerb outside his house.

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The Woolston resident has also worked for Hampshire County Council’s Highways Authority for more than 40 years.

The kerb outside Mr Fisher's homeThe kerb outside Mr Fisher's home (Image: NQ)

In June, Ed was sent a letter by roads contractor, Balfour Beatty, stating that he was committing an offence under Section 184 of the Highways Act in gaining access to his property without a properly constructed dropped kerb.

He said he understood and accepted the law - but criticised the company for pursuing this issue considering the state of the roads.

The pensioner said: “As I worked on the highways for 40 years I do understand that by going over a kerb is against the law – so does that mean every driver in the city who parks on the pavement will also be penalised?

“In a city riddled with defects and potholes, it seems Balfour Beatty have time to identify this sort of thing when areas are crying out for repair.

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“Athelstan Road is like playing a game of dodge the defect, Cranbury Road and Lyndock Place are also no better.

“We would have to fork out a lot of money to get a dropped kerb installed as there is a man hole just outside our home.

“Surely every driver that parks on a kerb in Southampton can expect the same letter as I received?”

Mr Fisher is now forced to park his car on the road, leaving his driveway empty.

In response, a spokesperson for Balfour Beatty Living Places said: “In partnership with Southampton City Council, we are committed to keeping the city’s roads and pavements safe and accessible for all users.

“Any resident with a driveway is required to have a properly constructed dropped kerb to protect pedestrians, cyclists and other road users, as well as to help maintain public infrastructure from potential hazards and undue wear and tear.

“We encourage any resident who requires a dropped kerb to be installed to submit an application to the council's highways department for their review.”