Sometimes when you’re backed into a corner and on your own you have to do things a little differently to get the attention you believe so passionately that your causes deserve.

That why part of this year challenges involves rowing on top of a car ferry going back and forth across the Solent all day - my aim is by rowing on the ferry and on land as well to reach five million metres by the end of Cowes week.

I did this for the first time this year on Sunday January 6. It went well but it was hard to deal with the emotions. You're repeating at least sixteen times a day why your doing it and some of those who your doing it for. It’s at those points what has happened in the past comes to the surface, although being up on the top deck presents ample opportunity for a lot of soul searching, which is going to be needed on the second Sunday because it will be the day after spreading my mother’s ashes.

There are different ways to raise money one has come via some well know faces and big rubber ducks. So Fiona Phillips, Ellen Macarthur and Pippa Wilson (Yngling girls) have signed one each. In the picture you will see Fiona Phillips with duck after receiving her honourary degree from Southampton Solent University. We will be auctioning them off at some point for the charities.

Until next time take care…