The London Marathon one of the biggest participation one day sporting events in the world and a tough challenge. For me this one was going to be a battle to continue bringing back my mental toughness. It was also a chance to enjoy a larger than life event and watch some other very colourful colours.

I made my way up by train on saturday with my friend Jon Sowden who was also running. The expo where you pick your numbers up is the size of an air craft hanger. There are a number of different stands advertising clothes, events and also promoting charities. One of the race sponsors gave everyone the opportunity to put a personal message on a piece of card that matched the one your race number was on.
My simply read "For Mum, miss you angus"
After i made my way to my friends flat in Clapham Junction. James an old university friend and his girlfriend Fini not only kindly put me up for the weekend but also fed me as well.

On sunday i made my way to the start line by train, you know when your going in the right direction when hundreds of people with the same kit as you are on the same transport. The you start to see some of the costumes other people are wearing. One guy a well know fundraiser was running in a huge robot costume on stilts.

We finally got underway and i settled into a nice pace. It does not really hit you until you get there how many people are running for good causes. Its also a rare event in terms of the support you get. Thousands of people came out to cheer you on and help you get through the course no matter where your from. Which is just as well because the weather was harsh for running something of that distance. I battled though the pain wasn't the barrier it was the constant replay of mums heart attack from cancer. You clung to the land marks such as tower bridge and almost pushed yourself off them. For a large part of the race i seemed to be followed by a guy in a somic the hedgehog costume. I just couldn't shake him it seemed, very bizare. It is a good idea to put your name on the front of your running vest, you get a lot more support.

Holding the medal was true testament to flexing my mental strength muscles. Looking around seeing those exhausted but relieved individuals with their medals let me know i had been part of something special. Bring on the rest.