A TEN-year-old boy has been robbed at knifepoint as he cycled home from buying sweets.

A hooded youth, believed to be in his early teens, threatened Craig Moylan with a penknife at the end of a subway. Craig was only five minutes from his house.

The youngster was forced to hand over his bike which was a birthday present from his dad.

Police have described the crime as “deeply worrying.”

Craig told the Daily Echo that the incident left him feeling shaken up.

He said: “I was scared and I really thought he was going to stab me. I feel sad and angry and want my bike back. Now I can’t go out on bike rides with my friends or my dad and I feel worried about going out on my own.”

He added that he was too terrified to go back to the Sainsbury’s store, just five minutes from his house, unless his dad is with him.

Craig, of Lennox Close, Lordshill, Southampton, tearfully recounted the moment the teenager said: “If you don’t get off your bike I’m going to stab you up.”

After Craig dismounted the thief repeated: “Now let go of your bike now or I’m going to stab you.”

After he handed over his blue customised BMX the trio cycled off and Craig ran up to the nearest person, a girl of around 16 and told her what happened.

She asked where the thieves were and said she would get the bike back but they had already gone.

She then offered to walk him home but he ran back on his own.

His father, also called Craig, said he thought the youth problems in Lordshill were the worse they had been in the 16 years he has lived in the area.

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