ABOUT 100 protesters marched through Wickham in an annual march against animal testing.

The group included Stop Wickham Animal Testing (SWAT) members and animal rights activists from across the country.

The annual march is in protest against animal testing at Wickham Laboratories, based in Winchester Road.

About 60 police were on hand to oversee the peaceful but loud march, which started in Mill Lane and progressed to the Square for speeches, and back through the town. One person was arrested.

Jeannette McClunan, the SWAT rally organiser from Corhampton, said: “We are very pleased with the turn out. We have got people from all over the country here. We have been doing these demonstrations for about 20 years. I feel that in today’s society, there is no need to continue using animals to experiment on. There are many other different methods of testing that don’t take as long. Testing on animals is barbaric.”