SHE had an incredible bird’s eye view of the world’s highest mountain.

Hampshire’s Holly Budge has entered the record books as the first woman ever to jump at 29,500ft out of a plane over Mount Everest.

After she returned to Earth with barely a bump at 12,350ft – the highest drop zone achieved by a parachutist – the 29-year-old skydiver said it had been an unforgettable experience.

She said: “It was amazing. There are views that you don’t get anywhere else in the world. It’s seriously beautiful. All you could see were mountains popping out of the top.

“It took 45 minutes to climb to the 29,500ft and we had oxygen masks on all the way up as the air was so thin. Mount Everest looked amazing and it was just so bizarre being at that height. I free-fell for about a minute and it was strange as I had an oxygen mask on the whole time so I could hear my breathing. It felt great.”

Holly, who was born at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital and attended Four Marks Primary School, Alton Convent and Alton Sixth Form College, has worked in the extreme sports industry for eight years as a skydiver and rock climbing instructor.

She has made more than 2,000 jumps from planes, filming travellers skydiving in New Zealand.

For the Everest jump she had an oxygen cylinder strapped to her waist to prevent her lungs collapsing and her parachute was three times the normal size because the air was so thin. Her free fall reached speeds of up to 190mph as she hurtled towards the snowcapped peaks of the world’s highest mountain in Nepal.

Holly’s mother, Linda, was there to see her daredevil daughter land safely after sailing through the skies – and into the history books.

Mrs Budge, 58, a housewife, who lives in Goatacre Road, Medsted, near Alton, accompanied Holly on a six-day acclimatisation trek to near the base camp. This involved walking seven hours a day to get used to the extremely high altitude and low pressure which can cause dizziness and sickness.

Holly’s proud father, Nick, who spoke to his daughter after her jump, said: “She was very excited.

She said it was awesome and that she was ‘flying on gas,’ as she put it. My wife was very relieved to see her down safely.”

Mr Budge said his daughter’s ambition now was to climb Everest. Holly was joined by 32 other skydivers. Holly was the second jumper and the first woman to jump out of plane over Everest.

Holly aims to raise £30,000 for the Hampshire Autistic Society, the Himalayan Trust and sports charity Regain.