THE MOTHER of Hannah Foster told police she had never heard her daughter so scared as when she listened to a recording of her desperate 999 call.

Hilary Foster made a statement to officers after she heard the recording of the emergency call that Hannah made on her mobile phone.

A statement read to the court said: "Since I have not heard Hannah that scared I could not be sure it was her. The second time I heard it I believe it was Hannah."

Adding that when she said her name was Sarah, it was "Hannah trying to control her panic".

Mrs Foster went on: "The toning was right for her voice.

"My impression was when she said 15 she was not referring to Sarah's age but to the number of the house she lived at.

"I believe the voice I heard was that of Hannah's."

A separate statement taken from Trevor Foster was read out to the court and told how in August 2001 Hannah had received her GCSE results, gaining 11 A* passes.

Mr Foster said: "I was so delighted with the achievement that I bought Hannah an Orange Pay as you Go mobile phone."

The court heard how Hannah's parents also gave her £50 credit as a 'well done' present.

In a further statement he made after listening to the recording of the 999 call Trevor also confirmed that the female voice was that of Hannah.

"The first minute or so of the recording I could not distinguish the number of voices heard. It was a cacophony of sound.

"There was some recognisable phrases and words that I could identify as Hannah's voice.

"Although in particular when she said 'my name is Sarah' there was a tremor in the voice. The controlled intonation was Hannah's.

"There is no doubt in my mind the voice I heard on the recording was my daughter Hannah."

The statements were read during the trial of Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, 40, of no fixed abode, who is accused of the abduction, false imprisionment, rape and murder of Hannah Foster, 17.

He denies the charges Proceeding