A HIGHLY decorated ex-soldier shot himself dead in a Southampton park after losing his family’s life savings in what is alleged to be the world’s biggest fraud, his family have revealed.

William Foxton is said to have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in the infamous Bernie Madoff ‘swindle’ which has swallowed up to $50 billion of investors’ cash.

Mr Foxton, who lost his arm in combat, used a semi-automatic pistol to fire a single fatal shot to his head as he sat on a bench in a park in Rockstone Place. The walled park is just a short walk from his family home in Canton Street, where he lived with his wife Roberta.

Today his son Willard Foxton told of his anger at the alleged “scam”, saying of the people behind it: “They’ve got my father’s blood on their hands.”

He said that his father had originally invested in two hedge funds which later closed their offices – with the money being moved into an investment scheme headed by Madoff, who is now facing a charge of fraud.

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