RUMOURS that Southampton’s former liner Queen Elizabeth 2, now in Dubai, could be scrapped have been dismissed as “inaccurate’’ by one of the ship’s most famous captains.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Echo, Commodore Ronald Warwick, confirmed all of the liner’s historic and valuable memorabilia remains safely on board as QE2 waits to be converted into a floating hotel.

Cdre Warwick, pictured, who retired in 2006 and now lives in the West Country, said: “Most of the remarks flying round the Internet about QE2’s memorabilia are inaccurate and based on scanty information.

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“Unfortunately many of the ship’s fans and former passengers have been understandably angered after reading it all.’’ Ever since QE2 arrived in Dubai last November a stream of stories have been widely circulated on Internet websites and shipping enthusiasts’ chatrooms.

Cdre Warwick, first appointed in command of QE2 in 1990, sailed on the liner’s final voyage from Southampton last November and then stayed on in Dubai as the new owner’s representative after the ship officially left the Cunard fleet.

As earlier reported in the Daily Echo, Cdre Warwick did say some items from the ship had been discarded in a rubbish skip.

“The majority of the china was removed from QE2 when she was sold but some odd bits and pieces were thrown out during the cleaning process,’’ said Commodore Warwick.

“However, these were only a few items which were found around the ship and were very worn and in a condition not attractive to the majority of collectors.”

“Today QE2 remains much as she was on the day she left Southampton for the last time. About 40 or 50 workers are employed to keep her public rooms clean and polished, although inevitably in Dubai it can be dusty.”

The name of Cunard has been removed from the sides of QE2 but, at present, that is the only obvious change to the liner’s appearance.